Porous Polyhedra as Molecular Models

Home » Archimedean and Platonic Crinkled Polyhedra – Polyhedral Triquinacene (14/14)

Archimedean and Platonic Crinkled Polyhedra – Polyhedral Triquinacene (14/14)


Crinkled Rhombicosidodecahedron


Crinkled Rhombicosidodecahedron/Triquinacene

Crinkled Rhombicuboctahedron


Crinkled Rhombicuboctahedron/Triquinacene

Crinkled Truncated Octahedron


Crinkled Truncated Octahedron/Triquinacene


Crinkled Truncated Icosahedron


Crinkled Truncated Icosahedron/Triquinacene


Crinkled Truncated Tetrahedron


Crinkled Truncated Tetrahedron/Triquinacene

Crinkled Truncated Cube


Crinkled Truncated Cube/Triquinacene

Crinkled Icosidodecahedron


Crinkled Icosidodecahedron/Triquinacene

Crinkled Polyhedra


Crinkled Cuboctahedron/Triquinacene

Crinkled Dodecahedron #2


Crinkled Icosahedron/Triquinacene

Crinkled Cube #2


Crinkled Octahedron/Triquinacene

Crinkled Tetrahedron #2


Crinkled Tetrahedron/Triquinacene


Crinkled Dodecahedron


Crinkled Dodecahedron/Triquinacene

Crinkled Cube


Crinkled Cube/Triquinacene

Crinkled Tetrahedron


Crinkled Tetrahedron/Triquinacene


The polyhedra found here are all constructed from a dodecahedral subunit comprised of three regular pentagons and are collective and Geometrically speaking called Crinkled Polyhedra. While the chemical analog of the Dodecahedra is Dodecahedrane. Thus, the subunit of Dodecahedrane  known as Triquinacene makes these molecular models of Polyhedral Triquinacene.


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